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Bobuild's full feature list.



A comprehensive list of different field types to store all your data.


Textual Numeric Files/Images Date/Time Other
Text Integer Number Image Date Yes/No
Date Decimal Number File Time GPS Point
Long Text Rating      
IP (v4)        
Multiple Choice        


Set specific rules to trigger one or more predetermined actions.



  • ● Update activity
  • ● Send an e-mail
  • ● Create a new connected prospect record
  • ● Update the connected prospect record
  • ● Create a new user record
  • ● Create a new prospect record
  • ● Create a new activity record


Manage all your records easily: view, filter, edit, add, delete, import/export CSV or Excel files.



Arrange several elements to compose every page according to your needs.

  • Table

    Table View

  • Form

    Form View

  • Detail
    Detail View
  • Gallery
    Gallery View
  • Pivot Table

    Pivot View

  • Chart

    Chart View

  • Menu

    Menu View

  • Richtext

    Richtext View

  • Import

    Import View


Protect the access to your application or even to single pages with a login. Create as many users as you like and assign them different roles and permissions.


Embed Code

Use the online database you've just created on your own web site. You can also integrate your application into an already existing platform or control panel, to extend its features. Just grab the code and embed it wherever you want.


Find in few seconds the information you need: you can enable full-text search on filterable fields or use filters on the fields used as columns.



Custom Layout Example

Create custom titles and descriptions to every single element of your pages.





Because nothing like a logo says this your own app.





Generate a top navigation bar pointing to all your pages. And when you change the structure of your app the menu automatically updates accordingly, so you don't need to worry about it.


Give to your web app the same look and feel of your brand. This also helps you to seamlessly embed the application into your website.

Custom CSS

An advanced tool to make your application look like exactly as you imagined it.


Custom JS

Do you want to add a chat box to your app? A custom widget? A tracking pixel? No problem, you can insert any script you want to every page of your web application.

More to come...


Handy templates ready to be used. Create your personal application or an online database starting from one of our examples: CRM, warehouse manager, wiki, to-do list, meeting planner, project manager, event registration and more.

Payment Solutions

Integrate a payment system into your application, so the users can pay for your services without leaving the website. Automate the whole payment process, sending email notifications and invoices every time you receive some money!


API/External DB

We're working on a solution to connect Bobuild applications to external databases... stay tuned!

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