Build your own

without coding.

Don't spend money on web development. Bobuild lets you create custom interfaces and workflows around your data.

Start simple, grow as you need

Modify your app on-the-fly anytime using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Centralize your data

Keep your data in a single place, linked and always in sync. Give your teams fine-grained access with secure multi-user portals.

Full automation, no code

Enforce data consistency, assign permissions, configure automations and build rich portals.

Create your database with the ease of creating a spreadsheet.

Define tables and columns, import your data and enrich it with images and attachments.

Build one or more portals around your data

Define views and forms to let your users visualize and edit the database records.

Configure automations and workflows.

Define what happens after a record is created or modified: send e-mail, change other records and enable specific sections of your portal.

Make or buy? Nah. The future of software is no-code.

Commercial software doesn’t fit your needs? Developing your platform from scratch is not the solution anymore.

Drag-and-drop, fully visual

Anyone in your organization can build and maintain your Bobuild apps.

Start now, learn as you go, publish today

No upfront investment, no lock-in, no technical debt.


So, what can you build with Bobuild?

Customer portals

Provide self-service account creation

Enable users to view end edit own data

Grant access to protected functions

Internal tools

Manage linked data

Enforce workflows and checks

Configure automations

Add fields, features and views to your portal as you need them

Resource directories

Create searchable and filterable lists and galleries

Design drill-down views

Attach downloadable files and images


Build smart forms

Send e-mail after submit

Query your data

Build internal views, public reports and statistics

Event management platforms

Accept submissions to your Call for Speakers

Evaluate applications

Send automated notifications

Manage schedule and exhibit locations

Handle on-site check-in

...and more

Assign permissions

Import data from CSV

Expose API

Embed interactive data in your website

“Bobuild let us create our company's portal for job vacancies. It's much more powerful than WordPress because we can also collect applications and view them in our custom backend.”

Michelle A. – HR team

“We build custom portals for our customers, and Bobuild changed our approach as everything is much quicker now, despite looking very professional and tailor-made.”

Francesco B. – web developer

“We needed to provide customers with a portal where they can track the status of their orders, and our team with a complete backend with notes, invoices and statistics. With Bobuild we built everything ourselves.”

Josef Y. - IT services

Go beyond spreadsheets and simple forms. It's time for your own platform.

You have a business to run. Build your custom platform without worrying about development, bug fixing, hosting, security.

Enforce data consistency

Assign permissions

Configure automations

Create rich portals