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Boduild is your:

database management softwar
QUICK! Create your online database with a simple drag and drop interface.

With Bobuild you can manage whatever you want:

  • Database
    “We build custom portals for our customers, and Bobuild changed our approach as everything is much quicker now, despite looking very professional and tailor-made.”
    Francesco B. – web developer
  • Product database
    “We use Bobuild for inventory management. Our shops can locate products in the shelves and manage pre-orders. Customers are automatically notified when their products are available.”
    Mike T. – shop manager
  • Lead generation funnel
    “Bobuild let us create our company's portal for job vacancies. It's much more powerful than WordPress because we can also collect applications and view them in our custom backend.”
    Peter A. – HR team
  • Customer Relationship Management
    “We needed to provide customers with a portal where they can track the status of their orders, and our team with a complete backend with notes, invoices and statistics. With Bobuild we built everything ourselves.”
    Joseph W. – IT services
  • Manage sport events
    “Our affiliate sport teams need to enter their scores and for publication in our portal, along with automatic rankings, a directory of athletes and the calendar of matches. Instead of paying a web developer, we built everything with Bobuild.”
    Caroline H. – sports league coordinator
  • Logitics and warehouse management
    “Before switching to Bobuild we were using spreadsheets for tracking our operations. Custom software was either too expensive or not flexible enough. Now we can adapt our application to our needs on the fly.”
    Juan R. – warehouse manager

Some features to easily create your web app:

  • Forms

    Bobuild forms

    Collect data from your users

    Build beautiful forms with several field types. Customize their appearance and their behaviour. Attach post-submit tasks (send e-mails, create more records, update counters...).

    Forms can be used for inserting new records or for updating existing records.

  • Tables

    Browse your data with tables

    Filter records and choose the columns you want to display, and attach links to view or edit single records.

    Tables can be customized with live search, interactive filters, CSV export, batch tasks and much more.

  • Charts

    Bobuild charts

    Visualize your data with charts

    Build effective reports with bar, column, pie charts and more.

    Charts can include multiple series and provide interactive filters. You can also build flexible pivot tables.

  • search


    Bobuild search

    Search in your data

    For each view you can decide what search tools should be provided, including fine-grained filters or free textual search.

  • Multi Users

    Bobuild multi users

    Protect views with logins

    Each section of your app can be associated with a login, according to custom rules (status, membership level...).

    Any database object can be used for authentication. Registration and password retrieval pages can be customized.

  • Mobile

    Bobuild mobile

    Access your app from mobile

    Our responsive theme is optimized for desktop and mobile experience. Stay connected with your data.


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