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DEFINE your objects

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BUILD your pages

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ENJOY your app!

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Step 1.

DEFINE the objects in your database

Every object can use as many fields as you like. Choose among many types of fields: textual (text, password, email, single/multiple choice), numeric (number, rating), files/images, date/time and others like Yes/No or GPS Point.

Step 2.

BUILD your pages

Create your app interface using elements like menus, forms, tables, charts and maps, then make it personal with your logo and colors. And for an even more custom layout, use your CSS and Javascript code.

Step 3.

ENJOY your app!

Your web application is ready to be used on any desktop and mobile device. If you like, you can even embed it into your own website. Now interact with your data viewing, searching and updating them.

How? Thanks to these amazing features...

Visual Interface

What you see is what you're building: arrange the elements in your page as you like and see immediately the final outcome.

Drag and Drop

Working with a database has never been so easy: arrange the db records with a move, then add elements to your interface by simply dragging them.


The "Import" features allows you to populate a newly fresh database with data you previously had. In the same way, as you own the data stored in your app, you can export them whenever you want.

Embed your app into a web site

You're not forced to stick to Bobuild site and url, you can easily insert the app you have just created into your own web site. A single click and you get the code to embed it wherever you want.


Automatically trigger a task when a specific event occurs ("when something happens do something else"). For instance, you can create/update a record after a form submission or send a confirmation email to a new subscriber.


Thanks to the many Views available, create your pages with all the elements you need: tables, forms, show record, galleries, pivot tables, charts, menus and richtexts.

Do you want to stay up-to-date?

Bobuild is in public beta and we're adding new features every day. Leave your email to know when the version 1.0 will be officially released.

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